The Legend of the Saloon’s Dollar Bills

It is fair to say that the first thing you will notice when you walk into the Long Horn Saloon at the Wild West Junction is the number of dollar bills hanging on the walls. The dollars have been accumulating over the years and more are hung every day. Take a closer look and you will see just how far visitors have traveled to enjoy themselves at our quaint local watering hole.

The signatures on the bills are left behind by travelers from almost every country on the globe, most recognized is our very own George Washington $1 bill. However, several guests have left a note from their own country and of course in their language. So naturally, this raises a few questions…Why and exactly when did this tradition begin? Not only here but in bars across the world.

Legend has it that it began in the old days of the original mineral miners. When they would visit their favorite local tavern, they would kindly sign and leave a dollar behind on payday. This way they would be assured if they visited thirsty on a day with no money on hand they would be able to grab the left dollar to purchase a brew and maybe a bite to eat.

Now I’m no expert but have to admit this a very likely reason this began. The tradition continues as a wish of luck and a fun way to say “I was here” for future visitors to see. Many returning guests come back to find their dollar still in the spot they left it, usually to add another to join it remembering the fun each trip.

Stop in and leave your special “note” on our walls!