Mr. John W. Moore

Photo: Williams News, 8/12/14, Ryan Williams/WGCN

Mr. John W. Moore, operator and one of the owners of the Wild West Junction is a bit of a legend himself. If you ask him what is meant by the “Old West,” he is hard-pressed to come up with an answer. Truth is, John IS the Old West. He lives and breathes the values and virtues that have cone to be associated with the romanticized version of the Old West.

Fueled by the media in John Wayne and Gene Autry movies and the like, we think about honesty, hard working, chivalry, and a determined independent spirit. John Moore embodies these all.

He’s lived in Williams since 1988 and here, he found home.

Currently the mayor of Williams, John is also part of the notorious Cataract Creek Gang who play their part in carrying on the Old West traditions. The jingle of their spurs will be the first giveaway followed by the shadow of a distinct cowboy hat silhouette.

John is frequently seen greeting the guests at Wild West Junction, in the Long Horn Saloon, the Branding Iron Restaurant, Drover’s Inn B&B, or just enjoying the goings-on in the courtyard during live entertainment and special events.

He is a master of the art of making you feel you are known and making you feel at home in a place you’ve never been before. One TripAdvisor post from a Mark B. of Manchester, England, summed him up nicely:

“John Moore… always about and involved and a genuinely nice guy.”

John has an alter ego /alias, Marshal John B. Goodmoore. Read more about THAT character HERE.

Maybe you will catch a moment with this Legend next time you drop by the Wild West Junction.