Half & Half, please… and leave the carton!

Tuffy, the Bar Cat

As humans we have come to welcome furry creatures into our homes and consider them family. Cats are special animals that have stolen the hearts of so many and all by choice. Did you know that cats are the only domesticated animals that chose human companionship? A cat is naturally born with all the tools and means of self sufficiency; however, they make their way into our lives and only make them better. Not all felines choose people, but most have grown to indulge in the affection.

Here at the Long Horn Saloon you will find a very special cat who takes full care of himself but still enjoys lots of people love. Meet Tuffy, he is the mascot of the Wild West Junction. Tuffy has been living around the Junction for his whole life, and not a young kitten anymore.

Tuffy turned 15 this past April. During the day this boy can be found lounging around in his many different favorite nap spots around the Junction including staircases, balconies, and even just in the dirt. This unique guy can and has been seen roaming town hunting for mice. In the evening he likes to stop into the Long Horn Saloon and claim a seat at the bar to enjoy a shot of half and half and mingle with the guests.

Tuffy_20160109_180619_500x281Be sure to have your cameras ready when this guy struts in. You are sure to capture a one of a kind photo that will be the highlight of your trip. It is safe to say that Tuffy is the most photographed cat world-wide. Guests from every country on the map have come in and enjoyed his company, and who can blame them? Would you not do the same if you witnessed this sight?

The well-loved cat is always welcome to being pet and greeting families; however, he might not be a big fan of dogs. Next time you stop in take a look around and see if Tuffy comes to say “Hi” to you also.