Cataract Creek Gang

When you look around Williams you may notice some very authentic looking fellows of the old west era. The jingle of their spurs will be their first giveaway followed by their shadow with a distinct cowboy hat silhouette. Make no mistake you are probably in the presence of a member of The Cataract Creek Gang. These gentlemen take on various roles from Marshall on the Grand Canyon train to those rascals that are responsible for robbing innocent passengers on their train ride back to town from a day at the Grand Canyon.

During the summer months The Cataract Creek Gang acts out a gun fight every night at 7 p.m. sharp. Just listen for the gunfire and look for the crowd gathered to know where to find the show. The gang has two shows they perform on altering nights.

“YA-HOO” is a very funny story about two boss men and their not so bright sidekicks. Someone robbed the bank and there has been some serious mishap with the placement of the loot. Watch as they attempt to resolve who is at fault in this belly busting laugh out loud skit. Now be certain that the men are not the only ones to get to have all the fun around here.

“Hay Bob” is a humorous story about a mild mannered farmer and his dear sweet lovely lady Miss Bobbie. Or that is just what she wants you to believe, that little lass might have more pull than you think. The narrator will guide you through the tale of Hay Bob in two versions, what the newspaper said happened and what had really happened. You might be surprised to see how much the the paper got wrong.

Whichever night you might be in Williams between Memorial Day and Labor Day, be sure that at 7 p.m. you are ready for some laughs and a new tale to share. Please don’t be shy to stick around after the show and get a picture with any or all of the gang. You might even be able to pick up a special cowboy whistle.