Be Good or Be Gone!

When you land at Wild West Junction and meet John W. Moore, you have a strange sensation that you’ve just stepped back in time. But it ain’t because of the historical buildings or the cowboy attire, or the strange cowboy slang that gets thrown around… it’s because of the way John Moore sees the world.

John operates from traditions that were common a hundred years ago, but which you rarely see these days. He’s a hard worker, he’s polite, no one goes hungry, and there are no strangers in John Moore’s world.

The really funny thing is, if you sit and talk with him for a bit, 99 times out of a hundred, you’ll discover that you both know some of the same people – no matter where you’re from!

John Moore has an alter ego / alias, Marshal John B. Goodmoore. That’s right, he is none other than the famous Marshal for the Grand Canyon Railway; and he’ll be the first one to tell you that the “B” stands for “Be Good or Be Gone!”. Marshal John B. Goodmoore has chased the infamous Cataract Creek Gang all over Northern Arizona since the Railway got “back on track” in 1989. In fact, it was he who organized the outlaw gang as a way to introduce the Railway to the then Governor, Rose Mofford. They held her hostage on her first train trip to the Grand Canyon and our hero did his duty and rescued her.

Unfortunately, the gang managed to escape and they’ve been robbing that train (and getting caught – and getting away) every day since.

Once you separate the man from the myth, you find out that Mr. Moore really has been a law man. He left that line of work in Missouri and headed West to become the Chief of Police in Williams, Arizona from 1986 to 1992.

During that time, he actually halted the destruction of the railway tracks to the Grand Canyon when the salvage company couldn’t produce the business permit. But that’s not his only civic service. John Moore has been the mayor of Williams since 2008 and has led this town through the ups and downs that every small town faces.

When he’s not at City Hall, you’ll probably find him at the Wild West Junction. He can be seen moving from table to table in either one of the two restaurants or the saloon, greeting customers, listening to their stories, and sharing a few of his own, making everyone feel at home.

So whether you’re talking with Mayor Moore, Marshal John B. Goodmoore, or just plain ol’ John W. Moore, the other thing that makes you think you’ve stepped back in time the the Wild West Junction is – hospitality: It’s “OLD” fashioned!

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